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Improve English Vocabulary-Beginners Part8

Improve English Vocabulary-Beginners Part8

1.    To crack the jokes मजाक करना
Crack, Cracked, Cracked

2.    To kid मजाक करना/छेड़छाड़ करना
Kid, Kid, Kid

3.    To name नाम रखना
Name, Named, Named

4.    To demand (from) माँग करना
Demand, Demanded, Demanded    

5.    To dig खोदना
Dig, Dug, Dug

6.    To fell the trees पेड़ काटकर गिरना
Fell, Felled, Felled

7.    To fall गिरना
Fall, Fell, Fallen

8.    To dispel the dark अँधेरा दूर करना
Dispel, Dispelled, Dispelled

9.    To point finger (at) ऊँगली उठाना
Point, Pointed, Pointed

10. To form a group गुट बनाना
Form, Formed, Formed

11. To whitewash सफेदी करना
Whitewash, Whitewashed, Whitewashed

12. To weigh वजन करना
Weigh, Weighed, Weighed

13. To rejoice ख़ुशी मानना
Rejoice, Rejoiced, Rejoiced

14. To throw dust धूल झोंकना
Throw, Threw, Thrown

15. To deal in व्यापार करना
Deal, Dealt, Dealt

16. To go off the track रास्ता भटकना
Go, Went, Gone

17. To pack up the luggage सामान बंधना
Pack, Packed, Packed

18. To decide फैसला लेना
Decide, Decided, Decided
19. To be afraid of डरना
Be, Was, Been

20. To make marry ख़ुशी मानना
Make, Made, Made

21. To make a scape goat बलि का बकरा बनाना
Make, Made, Made

22. To reduce the flames आग कम करना
Reduce, Reduced, Reduced

23. To harm नुकसान पहुचना
Harm, Harmed, Harmed

24. To distribute बाँटना
Distribute, Distributed, Distributed

25. To escape बचकर भागना
Escape, Escaped, Escaped

26. To slink चोरी से खिसकना
Slink, Slunk, Slunk

27. To seek loan उधर लेना
Seek, Sought, Sought

28. To milk the cow दूध दोहन
Milk, Milked, Milked

29. To do backbiting चुगली करना
Do, Did, Done

30. To talk frankly खुल कर बात करना
Talk, Talked, Talked

31. To face the truth सच का सामना करना
Face, Faced, Faced

32. To speak the truth सच बोलना
Speak, Spoke, Spoken

33. To get voice आवाज आना
Get, Got, Got

34. To dictate लिखवाना
Dictate, Dictated, Dictated
35. To talk arrogantly अकड़ से बात करना
Talk, Talked, Talked

36. To tremble with fear डर से कांपना
Tremble, Trembled, Trembled

37. To chatter चपड़ चपड़ करना
Chatter, Chattered, Chattered

38. To hum गुनगुनाना
Hum, Hummed, Hummed

39. To veil घुंघट करना
Veil, Veiled, Veiled

40. To impound जब्त करना
Impound, Impounded, Impounded

Lesson#92 To Be 3rd form

Lesson#92 To Be 3rd form 

The words "TO BE.." are used with the word "Want" to form "want to be.." along with the 3rd form of the verb to explain what a person wants or does not want to happen in a particular situation.

The sentences can be formed in different forms, such as:
  • I want to be included in the drama society of the college.
  • Would you want him to fix the car for you?
  • We wanted to be seated at the table near the window in the restaurant.
  • I don't want the painting to be  removed from the gallery.
The sentences above show how the word want, in its different forms can be combined with "to be" to form sentences which imply what a person or persons want in any particular situation.

Questions to practice
  1. तुम चाहते हो की तुम्हें पढ़ाया जाये |
  2. मैं चाहता हुँ  की उसे पीटा जाये|
  3. हम चाहते थे की हत्यारे को मार दिया जाये |
  4. मै  चाहूँगा की मुझे पार्टी में बुलाया जाये |
  5. तुम चाहते हो की पौधे उखाड़े जाये |
  6. अमर सर नहीं चाहते की हिंदी बोली जाये |
  7. मैं चाहती हुँ  की उसकी खिल्ली  उड़ाई जाये |
  8. मैं चाहता हुँ  की चाये  बनाई  जाये |
  9. क्या वह चाहती की उसे उपहार दिए जाये?
  10. क्या सलमान खाँन चाहेगा की उसकी फिल्म देखी  जाये?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lesson#107 I don't mind/ Would you mind

Lesson#107 I don't mind/ Would you mind

The expressions "I don't mind.." and "Would you mind.." have different meanings. They are different ways of saying or acknowledging that I don't have a problem doing something; and asking whether another person would have a problem with a particular situation or action.

I don't mind.. followed by a verb expresses that a person does not have a problem or issue doing or completing a certain task or action.

The phrase I don't mind.. can be used in sentences as follows:

  • I don't mind helping you with your homework.
  • I don't mind wearing skirts to work.
  • I don't mind dropping your brother off to school.
  • I don't mind driving you to the airport.
The phrase "Would you mind.." generally is the beginning of a question being asked to another person inquiring whether he/she might have a problem with some situation or event about to take place, or with some action one is about to do. It is a polite was of asking permission as well.

For example:
  • Would you mind if I play music in the room?
  • Would you mind picking up some groceries on  your way home?
  • Would you mind helping me with cooking tonight?
Questions to Practice
  1. मुझे night shift करने में कोई परेशानी नही है। 
  2. मुझे चाय पीने में कोई परेशानी नही है। 
  3. मुझे पुरानी कार चलने में कोई दिक्क्त नही है । 
  4. अगर में देर से आऊ तो आपको कोई दिक्क्त तो नही है?
  5. अगर में धूम्रपान करूँ तो आपको दिक्क्त तो नही है? 
  6. अगर में कल छुट्टी ले लू तो कोई दिक्क्त तो नही है ?

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lesson#117 Prefer To

Lesson#117 Prefer To

The word "Prefer" is used in a sentence when we want to show that we like one thing more than the other. Or that we like something in general.

The preposition TO can be used with the word Prefer when we are comparing two things.

Prefer can also be used with WOULD to indicate what a person would like to do in a particular situation

The following examples explain the use of Prefer in different forms:

  • I prefer driving. (I like driving in general)
  • I prefer swimming to cycling to stay fit.
  • I would prefer  to take a cab to the airport.
  • Would you prefer tea or coffee?
  • I prefer holidaying at the beach than going to a hill station.
Questions to Practice
  1. मैं चाय की बजाए कॉफ़ी पीना पसंद करता हूँ । 
  2. North East के लोग क्रिकेट के बजाए Football पसंद करते है । 
  3. मेरे पिताजी गर्म पानी के बजाय ठन्डे पानी से नहाना पसंद करते हैं । 
  4. मैं कहीं भी जाने के लिए कार की बजाए बाइक पसंद करता हूँ । 
  5. सरकारी दफ्तरों में लोग English के बजाए Hindi में बात करना ज्यादा पसंद करते है । 
  6. मैं ऑफिस जाने की बजाए घर से काम करना पसंद करता हूँ 
  7. मैं समोसे के बजाए डोसा खाना पसंद करता था । 
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