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Famous Idioms and Phrases in Hindi Part6

Idioms and Phrases In Hindi

Idioms and Phrases In Hindi
Today we are going to learn Idioms and Phrases in Hindi, so far we have seen many videos and articles based on Idioms and Phrases/Tenses (Active Voice)/Tenses (Passive Voice)/Advance Chapters/Additional chapters and so on. Now are going to have a look on a new style of teaching.

You are going to learn some very important and beautiful expression of English language. 

In alpha-beta every Friday we learn new and interesting words therefore we call these chapters Handsome Fridays.

Put a price/value: means when someone is trying to influence to do something by money:  Example: This policeman is very honest; don't try to put price on him. No matter how hard you try but he won't bear illegal activity in his area.

Sooner or later: means when we are talking about a situation that will fall by all means: Example: I am warning him not to make building on this swamp land, if he does then the building will collapse sooner or later.

Sink your differences: To harmonize, when you sink your differences then you forget the past incident that were wrong or bad and you start your relation from scratch. 
Example: If we want to win the world cup then we need to sink our differences and play like a team

Cross your fingers: Hope for the best: 
Example: I have a habit to cross my fingers before any important announcement.

Have a finger in the pie: means involvement in something
Example: Don't pass an accusing look at me; I don't have a finger in the pie.

Strike while the iron is hot: Act on the right time.
Example: Right now situation is not in your favor, strike while the iron is hot.

Idioms and Phrases In Hindi

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